Dear Colleagues,

Due to the limited response to the first notice of scholarships, we are extending the deadline for applications to August 15. Below is information that was previously sent, but with extended deadline.

KAPPA annually offers two types of Sponsorships, which are open to all KAPPA institutional members in good standing. Current members of the KAPPA board are not eligible.  The following opportunities are currently available:

Norman H Bedell Annual Scholarship

You can attend APPA professional development programs by taking advantage of the “Norman H. Bedell Annual Scholarship” program.  The KAPPA Norman H. Bedell scholarship will include the full cost of registration / tuition and up to an additional $2,500 to cover related travel expenses towards attending an APPA professional development program such as APPA Institute for Facilities Management, Leadership Academy, Supervisor’s Toolkit, or the credentialing program.

The only requirement is that scholarships must be used within 12 months of the award. Two (2) scholarships will be awarded each year.

ERAPPA Annual Meeting Scholarships

KAPPA annually offers two scholarships for the ERAPPA Annual Meeting.  The following opportunities are currently available:

One (1) ERAPPA Scholarship for a first-time attendee or someone who has not attended one of the last five (5) ERAPPA Annual Meetings.  This scholarship will include $1500 towards registration and travel expenses.

One (1) ERAPPA Scholarship to all institutional members of KAPPA in good standing.  This scholarship will include $1500 towards registration and travel expenses.

The only requirement is that ERAPPA annual meeting scholarships awarded this spring must be used for the 2022 ERAPPA Annual Meeting in Verona, NY on September 18-21.

To take advantage of any of these scholarships, please complete the following steps:

  • Apply today by filling out the application, a copy of which is attached.
  • Submit the application.  The application deadline for 2022 is August 15th, to Second Vice President Mark Bodenschatz (see instructions on application). Incomplete applications will not be considered. A completed application includes the application form, the applicant’s personal statement, and the supervisor’s evaluation.



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