President’s Welcome Message
  • Scott Albert


    Slippery Rock University
    Slippery Rock, PA 16057
    Term expires Spring 2023

  • Randy Geering

    First Vice President

    Penn State University
    4701 College DR.
    Erie, PA. 16563
    Term expires Spring 2023

  • Mark Bodenschatz

    Second Vice President

    Penn State University
    University Park, PA 16802
    Term expires Spring 2023

  • George Papuga

    Past President

    Carnegie Mellon University
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    Term expires Spring 2023

  • Shannon Giannoutsos


    Carnegie Mellon University
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    Term expires Spring 2025

  • Shannon Wetzel


    Carnegie Mellon University
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    Term expires Spring 2024

  • Greg Black


    Millersville University
    Millersville, PA 17551
    Term Expires Spring 2025

  • Kevin Bevenour


    Penn State University – York
    York, PA
    Term expires Spring 2023

  • Brian Richards


    Community College of Allegheny County
    Pittsburgh, PA 15233
    Term expires Spring 2023

  • Erik Cagle


    Pennsylvania State University
    University Park, PA 16802
    Term expires Spring 2024

  • Cristina Barnes

    Business Partner Liaison (Non-Voting Member)

    Stahl Sheaffer Engineering
    Harrisburg, PA 17110
    Term expires Spring 2023

Scott Albert


KAPPA Presidential Duties

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  1. Oversee governance and management of the organization.
  2. Review and update bylaws as needed.
  3. Preside over all meetings of the organization, including board meetings and biannual conferences.
  4. Preside over the election of officers to the board (past-president chairs nominating committee and provides slate of officers to the secretary to hold the election at the spring meeting).
  5. Ensure officers and board members faithfully carry out their duties.
  6. Appoint board and committee members as needed.
  7. Appoint co-chairs to lead annual meeting host committee in years leading up to KAPPA hosting the meeting (usually 3-4 years ahead of year of hosting.
  8. Execute and sign contracts for organization, including speakers, conference planner, hotels, etc.
  9. Serve as KAPPA representative to the ERAPPA Chapter Affairs Committee.  Attend ERAPPA mid-year meeting and monthly conference calls.

Randy Geering

First Vice President

First Vice President Duties

1.       Serve as the President should the president be unable to complete the term of office.
2.       Serve in place of the President, in the absence of the President.
3.       The First Vice-President shall become the president at the end of the one (1) year term.

Mark Bodenschatz

Second Vice President

Second Vice President Duties

The Second Vice President is the first position one serves in as part of the four-year Presidential track.

  • In year two, the individual will serve as First Vice President.
  • In year three they will serve as President.
  • In year four, they will serve as Past President.
  • Annual time commitment to attend/plan the conference is approximately ten days.

Responsibilities for the position include the following:

  1. Assist in planning and running the Spring/Fall KAPPA conference.
  2. Attend the semi-annual planning meeting which occurs in between the conferences.
  3. Solicit applications for the Norman H Bedell and ERAPPA Meeting scholarships.
  4. Review scholarship applications and make recommendations as to whom should be selected.

George Papuga

Past President


Shannon Giannoutsos


Treasurer Duties

  1. Establish a checking account at a financial institution for the KAPPA funds to be deposited in. You will receive an initial check from the outgoing treasurer to start the account. The account should be interest bearing and a money market account or cd should be used for surplus funds of over $20,000. Obtain a check book and debit card for the account.
  2. 1st order of business would likely be the Summer Mid-year board meeting where the group tours the site for the upcoming Fall Chapter meeting. You will have to pay for the lodging for any board members with the card and for all charges for the board meeting.
  3. Prior to each conference, checks will arrive by FedEx to your address from BTI to deposit into the KAPPA checking account. These checks may be individual checks or combined checks from conference attendees and vendors. Make copies of the checks to keep in your file for the calendar year and to reconcile the funds.
  4. Pay invoices for keycards and for conference giveaways along with any other deposits that may be needed prior to KAPPA Conference. Payments may be paid with a check or by using KAPPA debit card linked to the checking account Make sure to obtain any invoices and copies of funds paid, so you can keep them in your files for taxes.
  5. Pay any final expenses with debit card for pre- conference board dinner.
  6. Pay post conference invoices with a check or debit card.
  7. Make sure to keep balance sheets up to date and to pay invoices in a timely manner.
  8. The procedure is the same for the January board meeting visit at the site of the Spring Conference.
  9. In January, you want to start to do final totals for the following year taxes. This should be for the revenues in, expenses paid out, bank fees and any interest earned.
  10. You will have to enlist the services of a Certified Public Accountant to have the tax return for the prior year filed.
  11. At the Spring Conference, the treasurer will have to present to the attendees of the conference the Treasurer’s Report based on the prior year’s revenues and expenses.

Shannon Wetzel



SECRETARY – shall be elected to serve a three (3) year term. The Secretary can be reelected and serve an additional two (2) terms.

The Secretary shall serve in place of the President, in the absence of the President, First Vice-President, and the Second Vice-President.

The Secretary shall assume the responsibilities of the Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer.

The Secretary shall be the primary communications link with APPA and ERAPPA to insure those organizations
are kept fully aware of KAPPA activities.


Greg Black


Director of Professional Development Duties

Day 1:  Keynote Session and Breakout Sessions

  1. Works with President on selection of Keynote Speaker. Determines if time in schedule is available for additional Breakout Sessions.
  2. In conjunction with other Directors, makes recommendation for the Breakout Sessions. Presents recommendations at Board meeting.
  3. Coordinates with speakers prior to and at the conference for administrative and logistical requirements.
  4. Introduces additional Breakout Session speakers at the conference and closes the sessions.

Day 2:  Technical Sessions

  1. Prepares Call for Presentations for technical sessions, and ensures it’s issued.
  2. Receives and reviews submissions from Call for Presentations.
  3. In conjunction with other Directors, makes recommendation for sessions for tracks. Presents recommendation at Board meeting.  Selections are based on setting up 3 specific tracks: planning & construction, maintenance & operations, etc.  Presentations that represent projects local to conference site/region may be given preference.
  4. Notifies successful submitters.
  5. Notifies unsuccessful submitters.
  6. Coordinates with presenters prior to the conference for administrative and logistical requirements.
  7. Coordinates with presenters at the conference for administrative and logistical requirements.
  8. Emcees one technical track, by coordinating with the presenters, introducing the session, monitoring the audience and the room, and closing the session.

Kevin Bevenour


Brian Richards


Director of Membership and Community Duties

  1. Attend ERAPPA meeting
  2. Attend ERAPPA First Time Attendee Welcoming
  3. Serve as KAPPA representative the ERAPPA Membership and Community Engagement Committee
  4. Participate in bi-monthly tele-conferences with ERAPPA Membership Committee
  5. Reach out to institutions who did not renew their ERAPPA Membership
  6. Attend the Spring & Fall KAPPA meetings
  7. Promote the educational initiatives
  8. Share the CEFP coupons and scholarships
  9. Invite institutions to renew ERAPPA membership to receive pro-rated dues until march
  10. Get more institutions involved in KAPPA
  11. Attend ERAPPA Mid-year meeting
  12. Attend KAPPA Board Mid-year meeting and Summer KAPPA Board Meeting

Erik Cagle


Director of Technology and Communication Duties

  1. KAPPA website manager. Update website with upcoming events, job postings, photos, and requests from President and board members.
  2. Administrator of social media platforms.
  3. NEW – Manage documents requested to be stored by Secretary.
  4. Serve as representative to ERAPPA Technology Committee.
  5. Maintain regular contact with President and Board Members to ensure communication is current.
  6. Manage mass emails to KAPPA members by working with Event Planner.
  7. Post to social media platforms.
  8. Work with Director of Professional Development to evaluate and select submitted presentations for spring and fall conferences.
  9. Manage email sign-ups generated from KAPPA website.


Cristina Barnes

Business Partner Liaison (Non-Voting Member)

KAPPA Business Partner Liaison Duties


As Business Partner Liaison, you will be expected to interact with the board as a representative of KAPPA’s Business Partner community.


The following will be expected:

  1. Attend KAPPA Board meetings, both preconference meetings and conference meetings
  2. Act as the KAPPA representative to the ERAPPA Business Partner Committee
    1. Attend monthly ERAPPA Business Partner Committee conference call
    2. Attend ERAPPA Conferences when possible
  3. Provide guidance to the KAPPA Board on Business Partner floor plans, sponsorships, and booth pricing
  4. Help recruit Business Partner sponsorships and booth reservations
  5. Act as the go to for Business Partners during the year and at conferences
  6. Share in the enforcement of booth procedures, rules, and space layouts during conferences
  7. Obtain feedback from Business Partners on the conference arrangements
  8. Share feedback collected from the Business Partners at conferences with the KAPPA Board