The technical educational program for each KAPPA conference, most of which is held on the second morning of each conference, is selected through a Call For Presentations process. 
KAPPA’s Call For Presentations for the Spring 2020 Conference is open.  Click here for electronic submission form. 
Please note the following about submissions:

Besides looking for general subject matter of interest to attendees, selection of submissions for the conference will consider the following:

  • Presentations that are led by a presenter from a college/university, or have a co-presenter from a college/university, maybe favored for selection.
  • Presentations that are more local or regional (local or regional college/university and/or firm) may be favored for selection.
  • Presentations that are already registered for AIA continuing education credits may be favored for selection.
  • Presentations that appear to be “advertising” a specific product or service will be strongly disfavored.

Selections will be announced in late January 2020.

Please note the following guidelines and instructions for presentations:

  • Most presentations will be on the morning of April 9. However, several may be in the afternoon of the 8th.
  • Presentations are to be one hour in length, including time for questions.
  • Presenters will need to bring their own laptop. A projector will be provided.
  • If sound is required, presenters should bring their own Bluetooth speakers or other sound capabilities.
  • Presenters are expected to register for the conference.
  • Presenters do not automatically get a business partner booth for the networking session.
  • Company names and logos on presentation slides should be minimized.

If you have any questions about KAPPA education presentation submissions, you may contact Greg Black via phone at (717) 871-4604 or